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Supra Hay

This is a high yielding, drought and salinity tolerant, sorghum sudangrass hybrid that has extremely high digestibility (NDFD Test 60-70%), which is similar to BMR varieties. A high leaf to stem ratio with thin sweet stalks enhances the desirability of this grass and makes it an excellent baled hay crop.

Yield potential of over 10 dry matter tons/acre, with great regrowth. This hybrid allows growers to increase profitability due to higher yields, earlier planting and less water requirements per season, compared to competing sorghum sudangrass crops.


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Crop Use Information

Dryland/Irrigated:                                Both
Double Cropping:        Boot stage cutting
Dry Yield Potential:      10+ DM Ton/Acre

                                           @ <5% Moisture
Crude Protein:                              Excellent
NDFD, TDN:                                   Excellent

Fertilizer:                                 1-1.25 Lbs N

                                  per growing day/acre

Herbicides:                          Atrazine, 2-4D,

   Dual Magnum (Safener needed), Prowl

Plant Traits

  • No-till Drill optional to support regenerative farming practices

  • Seedless variety which produces higher yields

  • Extremely leafy with thin stalks

  • High quality, palatability and digestibility

  • Tolerant of high temperatures and humidity

  • Can be planted early, at the same time as corn

  • Lower water requirements than corn

Agronomic Traits

Harvest Recommendations:

     First Cutting Height:                   30-40”
     Days to First Cutting:         30-40 days
Regrowth:                                     Excellent
Plant Type:               Sweet and Palatable
Min/Max pH:                                   6.0-8.5
Standability:                                 Excellent 
Sugar Can Aphid:                                   No 

Seeding Information

Seeds Per Pound:                      +/- 18,000
Soil Temp:               As low as 45ºF (7ºC)
Seeding Depth:                                         1"
Row Spacing:                                   12"-36"

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