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Supra Millet

Supra Millet is a drought tolerant, photoperiod sensitive, non-GMO annual hybrid millet grass developed to produce a top quality, high yielding haylage, or silage crop.

As a seedless variety, Supra Millet can yield 13+ bone-dry tons per acre annually with up to 27% protein and an NDFD30 of 50-65%.

Beef cattle, dairy cattle, and sheep find this sweet, high nutrition forage very palatable, with no prussic acid concerns.


Download the Supra Millet Growing Guide

Agronomic Traits

Harvest Height:                                     6'-8'
Total Height:                                        12' +
Maturity:                                100-120 days
Photoperiod Sensitive:                         Yes
Plant Type:               Sweet and Palatable
Min/Max pH:                                    5.0-8.0
Standability:                                 Excellent 
Rust:                                 High Resistance
Anthracnose:                  High Resistance

Seeding Information

Seeds Per Pound (jumbo/large):                                                            Approx 40,000
Seeds Per Pound (medium/small):                                                        Approx 85,000
Soil Temperature:                   65ºF (18ºC)
Seeding Depth:                              1/2-3/4"
Row Spacing:                                     6"-30"

Crop Use Information

Dryland/Irrigated:                               Both 
Double Cropping:                        Excellent 
Silage Yield Potential:          36 Ton/Acre
Hay/Baleage Potential: 13 DM Ton/Acre
Grazing:                                    Continuous
Cover Crop:                                  Excellent
Digestibility:                                  Excellent
NDFD, TDN, IVTD Palatability:   Excellent
Fertilizer:  1 Lbs N per growing day/acre

Plant Traits

  • Can No-till Drill to support regenerative farming practices

  • Seedless and Photoperiod Sensitive which produces higher yields

  • Extremely leafy with less stalk

  • High quality, palatability and digestibility

  • Tolerant of high dry temperatures and humidity

  • Tolerates frequent harvesting and constant grazing

  • Lower water requirements than corn

  • Great non-invasive rotation crop that is good for soils

Seeding Chart Millet.png
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