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  • Are your seeds GMO?
    No, our seeds are not genetically modified, they are a hybrid combination of multiple individual millet varieties.
  • What kind of yields can I expect to have from your Supra Millet seeds?
    One of Supra Millet's most appealing factors is that a grower can achieve yield figures that can be considerably higher than alfalfa hay. Depending on climate conditions, location and soil types, combined with a well-planned fertilization plan, a farmer could realistically grow 10+ dry tons per acre from the first cutting of the season. In warmer weather climates farmers could realistically grow 3 - 4 cuttings per season. In colder weather climates, farmers could realistically grow 1-2 cuttings per season.
  • Will I receive the same yeilds for each of the cuttings?
    Typically you will receive the largest yields with the first cutting and lower yields each cutting afterwards.
  • Can I purchase your seeds outside of the US?
    We are currently only selling seeds in the US, but please contact us and we will notify you when they will be available in your area.
  • How warm does the soil need to be, before I start planting?"
    It is best to plant when the soil temperatures are around 65 degrees, but you can plant this in temperatures as cold as 52 degrees. It will just germinate slower at the lower temperatures.
  • What type of planter do I need to plant Supra Millet?
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  • When should I expect the Supra Millet to emerge after planting?
    The majority of the Supra Millet will emerge within 2-4 days, although some seeds won't emerge until 4-7 days.
  • When should I harvest the Supra Millet?
    It is best to harvest the Supra Millet when it is about 6 feet tall. For the first cutting it is best to cut it down to about 4-6 inches. For the last cutting, you can cut it to the ground.
  • Will I be able to dry it down and bale the Supra Millet?
    In less humid climates you can dry and bale the Supra Millet with the help of a reconditioner and spreader. If you are in a humid climate, it is best to use the Supra Millet as fresh chop, silage, or pasture grazing.
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